The Secret to Building a Successful Business with The Hardcore Closer Ryan Stewman

We have all seen the results from successful marketers that have the fancy cars. There is also the assumption that the results only happen when you have a huge audience and well known name. What isn’t explained is how they got that audience. My guest today has made $30,000 one month, lost everything the next and successfully made it back to the top. Ryan Stewman, known as The Hardcore Closer, discusses how he has been able to build a following of more that 170,000 people through consistency and hard work. Not only does he lay out an easy system to replicate his success but also explains how to save money in the process.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to use customer stories to build your business
  • The 2 words you need to focus on when selling
  • How to figure out what to post

Connect with Ryan:

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