The Power of Listening to Customers: Interview with Jotform Marketer Leeyen Rogers

When Jotform launched for the first time in 2006, it was the only online form builder available. It quickly took the top spot in search results, and it had such a powerful, natural SEO presence the company didn’t need to hire a full-time marketer until 2014.

Now, Leeyen Rogers acts as one of the chief marketers at Jotform. She shares her unique insight into the success of Jotform with Ian Garlic on The Garlic Marketing Show Podcast. Rogers believes the key to successful marketing simply lies in listening to users.

The Simplicity of JotForm

Because Jotform was created as a tool for developers to quickly integrate customizable forms without having to write repetitive lines of code, the company assumed its primary user base was those in the tech industry. Upon conducting surveys, they were shocked to find these tech-savvy users accounted for less than 15% of their total users!

It turned out that the majority of people using Jotform were in other industries, and they were drawn to Jotforms easy to use interface. From there, Rogers knew they needed to approach marketing differently. By listening to their users, they were able to create a powerful onboarding system that helped these beginner users understand how to customize their own forms.

The Importance of Marketing Strategy

She also included a content marketing strategy to anticipate customer questions with a variety of articles addressing popular topics and questions for users in different industries. This also led to a mobile-friendly initiative, and today Jotform is the only online form builder with 100% mobile readiness.

The Future of Video Marketing

Video marketing is the future, and Rogers understands how to utilize video to build connections with Jotform customers. The internet is quickly becoming inundated with written content, and people are less willing to dig through article after article when the same information can be communicated quickly through a video.

Jotform’s success with video doesn’t stop with how-to videos. They’ve had great success with Jotform Case Stories as well by focusing on the ways professionals in different industries have used Jotform to drive their own success. Integrating video marketing into their content strategy has given Jotform an edge against the competition.

Learn more about the unique features of Jotform as well as how you can use an online form builder to boost productivity on this episode of The Garlic Marketing Podcast with Leeyen Rogers.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to focus and create effective survey forms with conditional logic
  • The benefits of using JotForm
  • How to create better engagement with your audience

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