Using Business Credit to Grow Your Business with Ty Crandall

On this episode of The Garlic Marketing Podcast, Ian Garlic speaks with Ty Crandall of CreditSuite. Ty is a business credit expert, and he’s been in the commercial credit space for years helping others make the best decisions for their own businesses. Business credit is vital to a business’s success, and Ty believes business credit needs to be taken seriously.

Business credit should be grown from the start. There are a lot of circumstances that can make not having business credit a barrier to further success. Building credit from the beginning leads to more money available to fund your business.

Business Credibility

When building credit for your business, Ty says it’s crucial to create your business credibility. As a business owner, you need to understand the different standards necessary to build this credibility. Things like having a business address, business website, and consistent contact methods will make it easy to get started with your business credit.

Business credit can alleviate the need to take excessive money from a lender for expenses you would normally need to pay cash for such as office supplies, maintenance, and more.


Ty argues business credit is a way to see a large return on your marketing investment before you have to pay. Purchasing your marketing through a line of business credit and then paying for this over time using the money you’ve earned through the marketing is an example this. This is a great way for startups to start earning money while keeping payments low in the beginning.

Ty calls for a breakdown in the stigma around borrowing money for your business. While he understanding the danger of borrowing more than you can afford to pay back, borrowing responsibility can be a smart way to streamline your progress. The biggest companies like Walmart and Apple all borrow money through lines of business credit, and this is vital to their success. Smart borrowing with a solid business model can lead to secure success.

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  • The importance of business credit
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