Building a Business is Like Starting a Rock Band with Mitch Russo

What do rock bands and businesses have in common? Mitch Russo outlines 5 takeaways from starting a band that apply to every business he’s helped build. If you want to succeed in marketing and business, you can learn a lot from Mitch Russo and his teenage rock band!

Mitch Russo is an accountability and business building expert who has worked with big names like Tony Robinson. Today, he’s the CEO of  and he coaches other business owners in the best ways to stay accountable and expand their businesses organically.

So how’d he get his start? By starting a rock band in the 1970s. He claims to have started his band as a way to get girls to date him, but it grew to be a much bigger lesson that would carry him on his journey to entrepreneur.

What’s in a Band?

Building a band is like building a business: it takes work. There are no shortcuts. When he first played back his band jam session on tape for the first time, Russo says he was horrified. They sounded horrible!

That’s when he knew he needed to get serious. His band refined their set list and worked hard until they landed their first real gig. They were playing parties around town, and they even came second in a local Battle of the Bands! It wasn’t until he submitted an article to a local paper about his band that he started to realize he was onto something.

By asking for referrals and submitting articles to local publications, he realized he could ask for more money. Before he knew it his band was making $500 per gig! That was a big chunk of cash in the 70s! Though Russo’s band didn’t stay together forever, he learned valuable lessons about getting a name out there and making it big in any industry.

From Rock Band to CEO

Today, Russo thinks back on his band days when he builds any business. First, he says you need to be disciplined. His band didn’t just throw in the towel when they heard their first tape. They realized they had work to do and they actually put in the practice!

Second, you can’t deliver a substandard product. Nobody is going to pay for something that’s just average. This is why Russo quotes his famous philosopher Colonel Sanders, “We do chicken right.” You don’t have to do everything. Just do one thing, and do it right.

Next, you need to test prices. You never know what someone will pay until you ask! If Russo had undersold his band, they wouldn’t have been making $500 a night! Then, you have to spread the word. You’ll be surprised by just how much this will pay off like when Russo’s article was published in the local paper.

Finally, Russo says you need to have fun. If you don’t enjoy what you do, there’s no point. Life is too short to waste time on things that you don’t enjoy! Whether you want to start a band or start a business, you should be passionate about what you’re doing!

Starting a band in high school ended up setting Mitch Russo on the path for success. This just goes to show that any path can lead you to greatness! What’s your path? Where are you going, and how are you going to get there?

Listen to this week’s full episode to learn more about CEO Mitch Russo and how he built his 8 figure software company on lessons from his band days!

What You’ll Learn:

  • The value of lessons
  • Accountability in a business
  • Power of a combination of accountability, software, and relationships

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