How to Become a Thought Leader with Forbes Books CEO Adam Witty

Meet Adam Witty

Adam Witty, Founder, and CEO of Advantage Forbes Books has helped entrepreneurs become THE AUTHORITY in their field. He has transformed them into THOUGHT LEADERS by establishing their credibility through book writing. On this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, he spills his dirty little secret on how authority can be manufactured through a systematic process.  

Throughout Adam’s marketing career he has found the necessity of establishing authority in the business world. He follows after the godfather of marketing, Dan Kennedy’s motto that DIRECT RESPONSE and AUTHORITY are the two components of business marketing that everyone NEEDS to be doing.

When someone says they don’t want to be an authority, I say great, so you don’t want to grow your business.

Marketing, A Must

Are you a virgin entrepreneur? Maybe you’ve realized your boss sucks and want to be your own boss. OR, maybe you’re ready to become independently wealthy.

Either way, authority marketing is a must. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re the best in your business, so you don’t need marketing. Just because you may BE BETTER than your competitor doesn’t mean that you will DO BETTER. And that my friend is what we call head trash. You need marketing to DO BETTER.

Don’t Run Your Business, Market it

The first TO-DO for a successful entrepreneur is ruling over the marketing aspect of your business. AND if you’re NOT going to market yourself, then hire someone who will. Your duty as the CEO is to acquire new customers and keep the ones you already have. If you don’t have customers paying for your service or product, frankly you don’t have a business. Your job is to MARKET your business, NOT RUN your business.

Advantage Forbes Books helps entrepreneurs create their authority by becoming an author. He helps them write a book on their expertise, bring in customers, and market their business as an established author.

The higher up in income you go, the more you are paid for WHO YOU ARE rather than WHAT YOU DO. -Dan Kennedy

Become a WHO

Establishing yourself as an authority starts with creating authenticity. Adam says writing a book and becoming an author will give you the authenticity to excel in the marketing world and become a WHO.

However, anyone can write a book. So, what makes yours so special? It has to look and read as good as the ones sitting on the front row display tables at Barnes and Noble. Advantage Forbes Books helps you be a front row book, thus a front row author.

Your book should be a marketing aspect to help grow your business and YOU. What is the problem you’re solving for your target customer? Find out what keeps your customer avatar awake at night and YOU can help them sleep better. Tune in for the episode and you’ll learn how becoming an author makes you a THOUGHT LEADER with the media, PR, customers, and more! Learn how to be an author and create AUTHORity!


What You’ll Learn:

  • Direct Response Marketing
  • How to Establish Authority
  • Becoming a WHO
  • How to Keep Your Head Out of the Trash
  • Making Your Book Look Barnes and Noble Worthy
  • How to Get Press Through Your Book

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