How to Get Customers to OPT IN with Chatbots & ManyChat CEO Mikael Yang

The Chatbot Wizard, Mikael Yang

Mikael Yang, the Co-Founder & CEO of ManyChat, is telling us all about what YOU’RE missing when it comes to automated chatBOTS.

ManyChat is THE leading messenger and marketing platform. Chatbots are the closest thing right now to artificial intelligence for marketing. These sophisticated chatbots are able to migrate with you on a normal day through your devices: cell phone, tablet, and computer!

“We predict in 4-5 years 80% of business to customer communication is going to be on messengers.”

Bots > Humans

Obviously, you’re not a chatbot. You’re human. But, you should be botting because bots can TALK, FEEL, and AUTOMATE messages like a real-life human minus the opinion, judgment, or flaws of human nature. Bots are an automated chat box for businesses, or the VIRTUAL presence for online messenger when you’re not there.

Yang says that 1.3 billion people are active monthly users for Facebook Messenger, AND over 2 billion monthly users are active on messenger apps. Messenger apps are the most downloaded and most frequently opened app.

Chances are if your customers live in the western world then they’re using messenger, and that’s an 80% open rate from messenger and chatbots that you’re missing out on.

Do You EVEN Bot?

Yang shared that everyone should be talking to their customers on messenger because it’s the most ENGAGING channel:

  • Messengers are linked with computers, tablets, AND mobile devices. You can ENGAGE with your customers as they switch devices throughout the day.
  • ^ that = 10x more of a communication rate
  • Customers HAVE to read the message

Even if your customer doesn’t respond….they can’t NOT read the message. People are talking, sending money, making plans with their friends, family, and coworkers through messenger apps. They see your message and can’t NOT open it. Yang said using messenger apps and bots give YOU an 80% open rate.

Find Your LEAD Magnet, Don’t Be Left on “Read”

Messenger gives the power back to the customer. You can’t start the conversation. You have to earn the right to message somebody. The customer starts the conversation, but you don’t want to miss closing a deal or exposure for your company when they DO start the convo.

Yang’s proven chatbots give an 80% open rate, but what about the response rate? Find your LEAD magnet to add value to the conversation, so your business isn’t left on “read.” Get them to opt IN, rather than opting out.

If a customer decides to close the conversation it’s harder to get them to RE-engage. Yang advises treating clients like friends. Show them why your great product or service can make their life BETTER. Now, THAT’S a true friend. With the help of chatbots, they’re able to lend the support customers need

Realistically, you can’t talk to all your customers at once but chatbots CAN, so don’t miss Mikael Yang on the Garlic Marketing Show, and learn how chatbots and messenger apps can change your marketing game!


What you’ll learn:

  • How bots help find your core audience
  • The Bot vs. Human Engagement Phenomenon
  • Lead, support, sell with messenger bots
  • Why You Need to Treat Your Clients like Friends

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