10,000+ views from the video an attorney hated (and the truth about your intellectual property) with Rich Goldstein

Do you want to own your ideas and establish intellectual property? In marketing, it’s essential to be pumping out new ideas, new branding, a new you.

But when are your ideas actually patentable or worth patenting?

Rich Goldstein, a patent law expert, has represented thousands of entrepreneurs to help them obtain nearly 2,000 patents. Today, Rich has leveled up with his book ‘The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent’ and is using video to show his authentic expertise to grow his business. The videos he hated have garnered over 10,000 views and are bringing in NEW clients PRE-SOLD because he’s steps ahead on understanding their customer journey!


The biggest mistake with patents

Are you an entrepreneur AND innovator? You might be a creative entrepreneur genius, but you’re only as good as your patent.

The patent office and Rich have seen too many entrepreneurs fall into the patent delayed death trap. If someone beats you to the patent office, it’s over.

Yes, we love when our creative juices are flowing, but obtaining a patent isn’t cheap. The biggest mistake people make with patents is wanting to get their product on the market to see it’s potential worth before crunching out the funds on the patent process.

On the contrary, your own public disclosure could delay your product on the market. If you start selling your product before filing a patent application, you’ll lose your rights almost immediately.

Skyrocket with videos and patents

It’s not all about the patent.

Rich thanks his video integration for his big success and growth in his business.

When Rich first started in patent law, he was searching for tools to share his ideas and establish himself as an authority. Thus, his videos were born.

His videos showcased him with a bulging pimple and quirky mannerisms. His ‘flawed’ videos grew his business to a new level because it showed HIM, in his natural element. He was sharing his superstar ideas and expertise to help his potential clients know him before walking through the door. This guaranteed him thousands of referrals and a head start on the customer journey.

Growth comes from patents, but Rich never underestimated the potential growth from using videos to showcase his personal authenticity and expertise.

Here are a few ways patents and videos can skyrocket your business:

  • Maintain market share
  • Prevent losing market share
  • Gain proprietary
  • Protection of features
  • Fend off copycats
  • IP value

Don’t stop believin’

Embrace your ideas.

Rich shares more about what makes an idea patentable and the right time to patent it on the Garlic Marketing Show. He says just embracing your creativity can move mountains in the marketing world.

Believe in your ideas and believe in the power of the patent. If you’re at a standstill with the patent office, use video to share the knowledge you already own and build your authority.

Now that you know you need a patent with a serving of online video to dominate your market, tune in to hear how to be an entrepreneur AND own intellectual property with, so you can ultimately grow your business. Check out, the patent law expert, Rich Goldstein on the Garlic Marketing Show.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The Biggest Myths of IP
  • Design patent vs. utility patent
  • The patent process
  • 4 types of patents
  • How to own your ideas to own your market
  • When a product is patentable
  • Understanding trademarks, copyrights, and patents

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