Want to Stop Being Left on Read by Your Prospects? How to Build Long-Term Subscribers and Pull the Thread of Potential Prospects | Michael Roderick, CEO of Small Pond Enterprises

Our headliner for this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show is Michael Roderick, CEO of Small Pond Enterprises LLC. Michael’s career as a Broadway producer led him to start an arts program and develop workshops for effective networking. Now he helps entrepreneurs create relationships and maintain a REFERABLE brand.

Networking goes hand in hand with marketing a brand. It helps to know the right people, thus networking, networking, and more networking. But, how do you get past an introduction and actually IN with the IN crowd?

Michael is tackling how to build relationships for ALL industries with four SIMPLE acronyms. You may have a silk tongue, but your networking needs work. Learn why a simple introduction isn’t enough when creating a referrable brand and how to maintain relationships with Michael Roderick.

Indirect questions trigger the brain’s reasoning. When you ask someone for an idea about how to accomplish your goal, you engage creativity. You limit the things you get in life when you limit someone else’s creativity.


Building a Referral Brand From Scratch

Many of Michael’s clients believe an introduction is all you need to get IN with the IN crowd. With an open line of communication through social media, anyone can create their own introduction.

Michael loves acronyms and now so do we. Here’s the first one we took a gander with:

RAB is attracted to TAC.
Um… What?

Rich and bored is attracted to talented and crazy. Building your brand and creating relationships that STICK starts with finding your specialization.

For a brand to leave a mark on potential prospects it’s not enough to be ‘different’ anymore. You need a specialization. Why does someone need YOU regardless if someone else is cheaper? As more competition comes along, your copywriting needs to become more and more sophisticated. A brand should reflect that level of specialization and sophistication. You need three factors to surpass ‘different’ and highlight your specialization.

Michael’s #2 acronym A.I.M:

  • Accessibility
  • Influence
  • Memory

Although all three factors are important, at authenticWEB our favorite is M. Memory is key to building a referable brand and getting past an introduction. We use marketing memory through storytelling. We create stories through video to resonate certain emotions with potential prospects. With story, your marketing will utilize memory and keep prospects wanting more. When building valuable relationships, a prospect needs to remember you. Michael uses mnemonic devices and we use STORY in copywriting to make an introduction memorable.

Read more about building a referral band in Eugene M. Schwartz “Breakthrough Advertising: How to Write Ads that Shatter Traditions and Sales Records.”


The Science Behind Building Relationships

If you’re trying to start a LONG-TERM conversation to take your brand to the NEXT LEVEL, you need to ask indirect questions. Influence your prospects with indirect questions so they stop and say, “hm… what do I think?”

Tune in for Michael to hear more of his scientifically proven acronyms for building relationships:

The G.A.T.E Strategy
The D.I.M.E Strategy

Michael is spilling all the buzz about why your networking needs work. Learn more about Michael’s acronyms: AIM, GATE, and DIME, to turn your introduction into a long-term relationship on this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show!


What You’ll Learn:

  • The three factors that help you A.I.M.
  • The method of asking the right questions with D.I.M.E
  • The 2 steps to Blowing People’s Minds
  • How to battle sophisticated markets
  • Indirect Asking
  • How to maintain relationships on a daily basis with the GATE strategy
  • His simple formula for writing an email to his list every day
  • How to identify growth-mindset clients
  • The paradox of choice

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