How a Dishwasher Became a CEO from 39,000 Followers on LinkedIn: How to Build a Following on LinkedIn and Move Up in Your Industry in One Month with Cory Warfield | CEO of ShedWool

From dishwasher to sommelier, and now the CEO of ShedWool, Cory Warfield created a name for himself through LinkedIn. Did you know LinkedIn has a limit on the number of followers you’re allowed to have? He’s weeding through his 39,000 followers so he can keep connecting. He went from asking people how they want their steak cooked to owning THREE businesses.

Tune in for this week’s episode with Cory Warfield and learn how to build 39,000 followers on LinkedIn and move up in your industry on the Garlic Marketing Show! Even if you’re a successful business professional building your LinkedIn is crucial to remain relevant and thriving in your industry. Cory doubled his followers from 15,000 to 30,000 in a month!  


Why You Need Videos on LinkedIn

How does someone take their LinkedIn to the next level and create a following like Cory?


At authenticWEB, our marketing vision is through video and story: THE ultimate dynamic duo. And, we’re not alone. Corey started videoing on LinkedIn and created a fanbase of eager entrepreneurs, marketers, and hospitality honchos. His most recent post was, “Should I video today?” And his following couldn’t stop liking, commenting, sharing, AND, begging for a video. People love videos because they are relatable and personable. Viewers get to know you and your AUTHENTICity from a minor, short clip of YOU.

Are you ready to start videoing on LinkedIn?

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Zero to Hero: Punctuated Equilibrium

Cory’s fan base eats up every second of LIVE Cory time. The market researchers at LinkedIn reached out to Cory because of his drastic LinkedIn growth. He has a FREE account without ANY automation posts, videos, or articles. Hold on to the edge of your seat because this may blow you away…. It’s ONLY him operating his LinkedIn.

Did you hear the researcher’s jaws hit the floor?

LinkedIn thrives on VIDEO and ORIGINAL content. Cory grasped this concept quickly and now he’s weeding through his connections because he maxed out his limit.

We call Cory’s growth the punctuated equilibrium. Charles Darwin is the founding father of this evolutionary theory. Who knew Darwin was a genius in marketing theories too? Cory went from zero to hero, but his evolutionary change was slow and gradual. By integrating VIDEO with original content he began to see MAJOR growth.

Cory shared his pre-CEO story that has our and followers’ hearts melting. Here at authenticWEB, we love taking the time to appreciate a good story:

Cory spent 20 years in a restaurant moving up from dishwasher to waiter, and finally sommelier. When the restaurant was bought out they took away their scheduling method. He and the staff offered to pay for it out of pocket but the new management wouldn’t budge. This is where Cory started ShedWool, an easy and time efficient scheduling app. He started sharing his ups and downs with ShedWool on LinkedIn. They LOVED hearing his struggles and could relate, so much so, he created another business for mentoring others with their own startup companies.

We’ve given you a bit of Cory’s LinkedIn marketing expertise. Learn more about Cory’s tips and tricks on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show. Learn all the tips and tricks behind building a following on LinkedIn with Cory!


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to create the RIGHT content on LinkedIn
  • The #1 LinkedIn Game Changer to Gain a Following
  • How to get your favorite influences to invite you to connect
  • The REAL best time to post
  • How to get started on LinkedIn
  • Why Video is the best marketing tool for LinkedIn

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