Agency Elite Terms

  1. Expectations from Agency Elite
    • One monthly, one hour call
    • 4 in person meetings per year
    • Maintenance and participation in our private Facebook group
    • Our full desire and open commitment to your personal and business success
    • Connection to our network
    • Agency Elite and its members are not responsible for any partnerships developed in or because of Agency Elite.
    • You are allowed to bring a business partner, operations officer or spouse to the event
    • Big Smiles!
  2. Expectations from you, the member
    • Attendance to at least 75% of online meetings or calls
    • Attendance of at least 2 live meetings yearly
    • A willingness to set clear goals and work to accomplish them
    • An open mind
    • A positive attitude
    • Respect for fellow members
    • A strong desire to see everyone succeed
    • We suggest finding an accountability partner, but we are not held responsible for your relationship
    • Confidentiality of any conversations, strategies, or materials in meetings, on the Facebook group, in emails. THIS IS CRITICAL.  We want to provide you the greatest opportunities, but can only do so if we know what happens in Agency Elite stays in Agency Elite.
  3. Payment
    • Payment is due immediately
    • Payments later than 30 days may result in cancellation of your membership with no refunds.
    • We will be raising the price annually, but will allow you to maintain your original sign on pricing
    • Quarterly payments must be made for a full year.  There are no mid term cancellations allowed with the exception of death, dismemberment, or dissolution of your business.
    • You are responsible for your travel to and from meetings, accommodations as well as tickets to any events not run by Agency Elite.
  4. Membership Cancellation
    • Membership will automatically renew unless 30 days written notice is given for cancellation.
    • We reserve the right to cancel membership with no refunds if there is a violation of the “Expectations From You” portion of these terms