The answer might be VIDEO.  

Video is on the rise and will never go away. Video is entertaining,engaging, and improves every aspect of Facebook ads, content marketing, web design, and SEO. But offering video as a service is overwhelming and can be very daunting.  

Hiring a video team for your agency is an expensive, time-consuming proposition. Simply being a videographer means working hourly (and oftentimes unpaid hours).  

We’ve created the systems to overcome all of these problems, to generate constant cash flow, increase your hourly rate and stop being treated like a commodity by your clients. This means clients will view you as their trusted advisor and retain clients longer!  

  • Double or triple your average value per client
  • Increase profitability while eliminating late nights consumed with “doing all of the work"
  • Become the trusted authority to every single client
  • Have an irresistible offer
  • Stand out and be known in your market
  • Move from “one of many” to the only choice
  • Get paid for your proposals 

My friend, Ian Garlic founder of authenticWEB has been refining these systems for 10 years, and now he’s opening exclusive access for a select, small group of agencies who want to learn how to add video services and videographers to step-up their offering.  

Yes, I know there are a lot of people claiming to have systems to grow your agency. Ian has successfully grown his agency with the exact systems for the past decade. Prior to that, he worked as a marketing consultant in one of the largest information companies in the world.  

He left there and started his own agency because he knew he could do it better. And he did.  

Ian has seen a lot of people offering advice to agencies. Some of the big ones have never even run an agency. Some are just selling their software. Some are selling education. Some have had agencies for two or three years. How can they really know what provides long term success when they’ve never really done it themselves?  

Very few (if any) are testing and refining their own systems. When you learn and buy from them, you are their guinea pig.  

Trust me, I’ve been the guinea pig a few times. It all seems to work. They have a success story or two. But they don’t know how it all works together.  

Ian is still running his seven-figure agency alongside his team of ten employees. He also continues to get requests from around the country to shoot video in locations where they have access to amazing talent -- New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Denver, and Las Vegas to name a few. He’s worked with some of the largest companies as well as many small businesses.  

Here’s the kicker. Ian had no professional video experience prior to starting his agency. He’s grown the company by developing step-by-step systems through constantly using, testing and improving upon them. 

So why sell it if it works so well?

I’ve seen Ian’s agency take off, and I asked Ian to document what he’s been doing for the past 10 years. Together, we discovered his systems are scalable and valuable.  

Ian and I both love to help entrepreneurs like you by advising them on growth, avoiding mistakes, and making the moves to help achieve their goals.  

And while Ian loves being behind the camera, he wants to do it less. Yet, there are thousands of businesses that want and need video the way he produces and distributes it.  

Agencies and freelancers like you serve other business owners. You care more and you understand their challenges and struggles. You can be their trusted advisor helping them achieve their goals.  

By sharing these systems with you, the knowledge and wealth of expertise will grow exponentially greater than if Ian worked to help businesses on his own. 

That inspires us.

We promise when you follow through and use these systems you will become the trusted advisor to more of your ideal clients. When you are an authority and not just an order taker -- it’s a whole new game.  

You will be making more money. You will have higher profitability. You will have improved relationships with your clients  

You will work less... stress less.  

Businesses know they need video. They don’t know what they need or where to go. When you are the solution, you become the only choice.  

Here’s everything you will be learning (and doing) in this program:

Our program is divided into 8 systems. Each system is essential for advancing and refining your video production and marketing skills. Each unit presents core ideas that are fundamental to those following, so try not to skip around. It’s important to understand each system before moving forward in order to gain the most expertise. You will also have the freedom to go back and forth between systems if you want to review your knowledge. Keep reading to learn more about each system.

System 1: Mining Your List

Are new leads becoming less frequent? Finding quality marketing leads is getting tougher and tougher. 

Your past contacts are a gold mine -- once you offer video. Acquiring new leads are tough and time-consuming. Learn to easily make $10k to $100k in the next quarter.  

Everyone wants video, they just don’t know what videos they need. 

Learn to mine your network, and find the HIDDEN REVENUE in current clients, past clients, and lost leads. 

What you’ll learn and receive:

  • Quickly and easily identify your perfect prospects in your existing contacts.
  • Discover the simple method we’ve used to sell high ticket video packages.
  • Use our proven email templates to set up meetings with current, past, and lost clients.
  • The Video Discovery Method that will set you up as the expert and make your video proposal irresistibly valuable.
  • Take charge of the entire marketing process using our “Video Opportunity Checklist.”
  • Stop writing long emails. Use our one-line email that will fill your pipeline today.
  • Our exact script to set up the “no brainer” sale.
  • How to set yourself up every time as “more than a videographer” and command up to 5X your current hourly rate.

System 2: Getting Paid For Your Proposal

Staying up late writing proposals only to hear “we’ll get back to you” SUCKS. We all drag our feet writing proposals because we want them to be perfect, without giving everything away for free. 

Learn how to get paid for your proposals. Better yet, have clients actually thank you for letting them pay you for your proposal. 

The best part?  

You will become the expert.  

What you’ll learn and receive:

  • Access to our Storyboard Strategy Blueprint to get paid for your proposal.
  • The step-by-step Storyboard Blueprint meeting in which you lay out their videos and marketing.
  • How to set up sales and future recurring revenue using the Storyboard Blueprint meeting.
  • Co-Brand our Storyboard Template Sheet for your clients.
  • Learn the power of the “flip” to handle almost every sales objection.
  • The ideal pricing strategy for your Storyboard Blueprint Session.
  • Set up the magic question to avoid a high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Our proven Blueprint Proposal Template to spend less time on proposals.
  • Set up clients to sell themselves and ask for your high ticket offer.

System 3: Selling the Video Package

STOP building new products, testing them, and then selling them. Leverage your time, get paid more and deliver better results. 

When you sell on video quality you sell an expense. 

When you propose a solution to a problem, you sell AN INVESTMENT.  

CLIENTS DON’T BUY YOUR GEAR LIST. They really don’t care or know the difference, if you deliver RESULTS...  

CLIENTS BUY A SOLUTION ORIENTED PACKAGE. Stop selling one-off videos and start selling packages. Whether you want to buy the gear or simply want to sell video, we’ll give you everything you need to sell video packages.

What you’ll learn and receive:

  • Access to our exact video packages and recommended pricing.
  • Learn why “video estimates” are killing your bottom line and how to sell end value packages instead.
  • Learn the terms of service that kill scope creep and detects time wasters, and set up success.
  • How to sell the package and deliver an incredible product without prior video knowledge or even buying equipment.
  • The pricing secret to creating constant cash flow and set up years of upsells.

System 4: Preproduction and Outsourcing 

Hiring editors, videographers and other team members the wrong way is expensive and exhausting. Save your precious time, money, and sanity using our pre-production and outsourcing techniques. It's the only way to grow your business. Test with outside resources and then bring them onboard.

What you’ll learn and receive:

  • Our exact method for finding videographers that understand marketing.
  • Contracts and documents for hiring the right videographers.
  • Our ad copy that attracts the best talent.
  • A list of pre-qualified talent, including videographers, editors, and others.
  • The best method to set expectations and keep everyone on the same page.

System 5: Becoming the Director

Learn how to move from technician to trusted advisor using our video production process. Whether you are a filmmaker or a web designer, it’s easy to become an order taker where the client is calling the shots. It all starts with having the right pre-production systems and goes all the way through shoot day.

What you'll learn and receive:

1. Pre-Production System

  • Step-by-step checklists to set up success in advance.
  • Emails to prepare clients and make them realize you’re the expert.
  • Emails to coach your clients on getting their customers into the shoot.
  • Our Successful Shoot prep method.

2. The Discovery Questions that make you a superhero and set up future videos. 

3. Production System

  • Easy lighting system.
  • B-Roll prep and shot lists.
  • Equipment checklists (if you want to shoot the video yourself).
  • Step-by-step Production Setup Checklist.
  • Our Storyboard Note-Taking Template to stay organized.

System 6: Editing For Conversion

Our proven Editing for Conversion System takes the complicated mess many experience when editing and gives you a predictable outcome that is easy to outsource. Even if you’re a great editor, you may be editing for entertainment, not conversion. Additionally, editing becomes very time consuming without the proper editing system. You need to quickly create powerful videos for your clients.

What you’ll learn and receive:

  • Post Shoot Kickoff meeting template to get everyone on the same page.
  • Editing Timelines and Detailed Process Maps to assign responsibility and turnaround times.
  • Our Million Dollar Copywriter editing formula.
  • Project Timeline Spreadsheets to help keep track of process and deadlines.
  • Client Approval System and emails to assure smooth signoffs.
  • Post Shoot upsell methods to encourage repeat business.

System 7: Distribution and Marketing 

Move from your client’s “expense column” to their “solution column.” While most clients want to do video, they continue to see it as an expense. When prospects see an expense, they will do everything they can to cut or trim down that expense. When you become a solution and a trusted advisor, prospects and clients will stop asking about price.  

Many clients actually ask how to spend more money after just 6 months. This is because they receive proposed distribution and marketing plans which can add quite a bit to your bottom line - even if you don’t do them.  

Ongoing content creation plus marketing becomes a no-brainer to clients once they see results. Using partners can gain you recurring revenue without doing the work.  

What you’ll learn and receive:

  • Elevate from just “Content Creator” to a Video Solution. 
  • Get up to 4x your hourly rate without working at all.
  • Execute our Video SEO Systems (in-house or using contractors) to improve results.
  • Use our Distribution Checklist to easily add another service and more value.
  • Sell Our Distribution Package using our prices and templates
  • Learn how to create recurring revenue and new lead sources through strategic partnerships.

System 8: Recurring Revenue | THE GOLDMINE

Getting new clients is the hardest part of any business.  

Second, is onboarding clients. This is where most of your time is spent and profit is lost.  

Instead we will go over upselling more videos to your current clients and and how to get your clients to ASK you for more video.

A Personal Note From Ian Garlic:

I’ve spent years, sleepless nights and well over $200,000 designing and improving these systems. That doesn’t include my time, my team’s time, or all of the meetings reviewing and improving them.  

I would have EASILY paid someone that $200,000 for this. Why? To save all of expense and headache of the things I did wrong. 

I’ve made many errors along the way, including hiring the wrong consultants and companies.  

But I did it the hard way and now I want to share my knowledge and experience with others to save them the time, hassle and headaches. Why should you start from scratch when there’s a proven and successful plan?  

If you execute the plan, you will easily add six figures a year to your bottom line. If you are a freelance filmmaker, you will move past order taker. People will stop asking your price and line up to work with you because of the obvious value you bring to their bottom line  

For the agency owner, adding another service offering like video, you gain a competitive advantage that will never be commoditized. Combining video production and marketing, using the PROVEN techniques, you will make your agency the obvious choice.  

For everyone, you will develop recurring revenue and deep relationships with clients, so they will stay with you longer and spend more.

I have never shared all of these systems before. It’s a huge opportunity for the right people. I'm taking on a limited number of partners. And I use the word “partner” in the deepest sense of the word. When you join this program, you will be my partner and have access to all my years of experience.  

You will also be among a select crowd of handpicked individuals. These systems and techniques are not for everyone. You must be a person or company dedicated to providing the highest level of service. You must be in this for the long run and want to build something bigger and better.  

If you are ready to use Video Production and Marketing in a whole new way to transform your business, click below to apply.

Bonus Materials:

Bonus #1 - Stage Sales Secrets for Video Services: Value $1,997 

Selling from a stage is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. I am going to give you my exact presentation that leads to an average $20k in immediate sales and $120k in ongoing revenue.  

I’ve spent hundreds of hours crafting these presentations and worked with some of the greatest speakers and coaches honing every aspect.  

Bonus #2 - “In The Black” Tradeshow Method: Value $1,997

Trade shows can be a time and wallet black hole. You can spend $5,000 to $20,000 to be there, $10,000 on marketing materials, travel costs plus you sacrifice your weekend. That’s a lot just to get a few leads and maybe a conversation.  

Or, you can use my “In The Black” Tradeshow Method to leave the tradeshow knowing you have covered your costs and the opportunity to upsell more services with new clients.  

Bonus #3 - 2 Year Premiere Listing In Our Upcoming Video Directory: Value $11,900  

We are creating a directory of all video companies trained in our method. We are optimizing this directory to rank in your local area for “Videographer” and other keywords.  

You will get a complimentary premiere listing for two years in the directory. Others will pay $497 per month, but your listing is free for two years. With this listing, you will get:

  •  The top spot for your geographic location. 
  • A one month feature on the homepage of the directory. 
  • A direct link to your website. 
  • Up to three video examples on the listing. 
  • Three of your success story videos on the listing. 
  • A feature in at least one article. 
  • The opportunity to submit at least one article per month.