Smart Business Revolution Podcast


Are you interested in growing your business quicker? Do you want better leads that come pre-sold on you and your services? 

Start telling your customer stories.

How Do You Start?

First, you need to understand your customers' journey.  

Understanding your customers' journey allows you to meet them every step of their journey as they look for solutions and compare options.  

Being there every step of the way makes YOU the expert and the friend, building your authority till you become the ONLY Choice.  

Our easy to follow, proprietary Customer Journey Map will take you through your customers' process from beginning to end.


Second, you need to know HOW to collect your customers' stories and tell them in a way that ENGAGES and SELLS others on you and your services.

Video is the perfect format for sharing your customers' stories. 

Video Case Stories have been shown to:

  • Drive more leads
  • Increase the conversion rate of your ads
  • Increase the click through rate of your emails
  • Rank higher in Google

Our 12 STEP PLANNER will walk you through how you can create the perfect video case story that SELLS.


Here at authenticWEB we've used this exact method regulary to create hundreds of video case stories for our clients. If you'd like a 25 point analysis of your video marketing, email us at or call us at 888-932-4776.