Wants, Needs and Alibis

To get anyone to make a major decision, not only do they have to know, like and somewhat trust you, you have to

  • Give them what they want,
  • Tell them what they need
  • Overcome their alibis.

Sounds like a lot of work?  We do it all the time.

Overcome your Alibis

In your own head, you want to lose weight and get fit.  

You need to exercise and eat better.

You have to overcome the alibi of not enough time.

If I don’t address those things, and simply say “Schedule time to exercise” you won’t be motivated to do those things.

You must also know, like and trust me more and more for me to address deeper needs and deeper alibis.  You can motivate people again and again if you build up enough of a relationship with your content 

Build your Following

Look at the best motivational speakers.  Guys like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and now Gary Vaynerchuk.  

They built up followings by talking to people about what they wanted. They want “ultimate performance” from Tony Robbins, “Incredible sales success from Zig Ziglar” and “Social Media Marketing” from Gary vaynerchuk.

Each of these guys used media and stories to get people to like them and to discuss what they needed. You need NLP (neurolinguistic programming) to practice your sales technique and to hustle, respectively.

After their followers get what they want and understand what they need, Tony, Zig and Gary drive home on the alibis. Why they would not take the next step in the buying process.

Yet they all understand, in order to get new people paying attention to them and keep followers, they must address what they want and need again and again.

Know the Situation

Now with various forms of social media, and various situations you can target people in their relationship process.  With SEO, you can get  people to Know you by giving them what they want.

With a great website, and an instagram account you can get people to like you and give them what they need.

With more intimate forms of communication like email, text and Snapchat, people who trust you will let you overcome their alibis.

For almost all industries, the top level alibis will be time or money if someone trusts you enough.  However, you must also overcome a more deep seated alibi; your follower’s belief in themselves.

3 Questions to Discover Wants, Needs and Alibis

This seems daunting, but you can keep it simple at first. Look at the product or service you are providing.  

  • What is the end result your customer truly wants?
  • What do you know they really need to get what they want?
  • What are people’s biggest excuses for not taking action with you?

Those are three pieces of content for which you must now create and deliver the proper media.