Dear Welcomed Guest

I am SO excited to talk to you.  Anyone I have on the show, I know is full of interesting stories and awesome marketing strategies.

I love doing this because I love these conversations.  I work hard to make sure I am prepared for the interview, but in advance of the show I ask a few things of you.

I want you to have as much fun as me!

First, PLEASE let me know what’s the one thing I can help you with? Is it a promotion? Is it simply getting your name out there?

Second, What’s the question you get asked too often or simply hate to answer? Is there a topic that is off limits?

Third, I try to do video but understand if you can only do audio.  Let us know.  Either way, please have a great internet connection and a good mic.  At worst, just use Apple Earbuds.  IF you want a mic suggestion, let us know!

Finally, I have a general format for the show, but love to just talk marketing

Here it is, The Garlic Marketing Show Interview Flow:

  1. Quick Intro by me.
  2. A little overview of your business.
  3. A story of your biggest Marketing Success
  4. A story of Marketing Failure and what you learned
  5. How you are currently using video
  6. A video Marketing Strategy Session with me (optional)
  7. We will end the show, then do a recap which we will use to promote the show.

Please keep in mind that each interview is unique in its own way, so interview questions will vary accordingly, adapting to the natural flow and to the individual guest. We do no scripting on the Garlic Marketing Show, so the interview flow is always organic.

After the interview…

My team will not only be posting to social media, but also doing paid traffic to these. We ask, if possible, that you post at least once to your media channels, and would be very grateful if you emailed to your list.

Just let us know and we will send you templates if you would like!

What we need from you

  • A great bio
  • A high quality headshot for possible promotion graphics
  • Your blog or website URL and Facebook URL
  • Ensure you have a quality working microphone (We have other suggestions, but this one works great!)
  • Any topics you’d like to specifically discuss during your interview
  • Any promotions you want to share with our listeners
  • We use Skype for our interviews, so please add iangarlic as a contact on Skype (Don’t have Skype yet? Download it here.)

Be sure to confirm the information above ahead of time so we are ready to hit record come interview time! My podcast coordinator Eric helps me with all of this, so email him at with all your info and any questions.


Sincerely, thank you so very much for investing your time and being a guest on the Garlic Marketing Show.

Looking forward to our chat!
Ian Garlic, Founder & CEO at authenticWEB