Version Done is Better than Version None

We strive to produce a new t-shirt featuring an inspiring, thought-provoking quote every quarter; in 2017 we hope to do it monthly! These shirts are part of my work uniform; as you can see below, a uniform makes entrepreneurial life a lot easier! 


We’re proud to announce our shirt for the final quarter of the year is finally here…

Version Done is Better than Version None

My friend and advisor, Vinnie Fisher, is a big proponent of the quote, “Version one is better than version none.” I agree with the quote; we need more urgency and a sense of completion.

I can’t tell you how many projects I’ve started, only to get 80% of version one complete, and then never get it out there… turning it into ‘Version None’ instead of ‘Version Done’.

To emphasize, done does not mean perfect. It does not mean great, or even good. Done should have flaws and room for improvement. Done should not solve every, or even most, of the problem.

A Done project will get traction and feedback.

Version None will never, ever, get either.

Where can you get a “Version Done is better than Version None” t-shirt?


Right now we are not selling them, so there are only two ways to get an authentic “Version Done is Better than Version None” t-shirt. The first is to become a client of authenticWEB. The second way is to pay attention to this site and to my Facebook page. Go ahead, like it.

I love great t-shirts that inspire and cause people to smile a little!

We have already given away a batch, but there will be some more to come. Plus, like I mentioned, we are always making cool new designs!