The Garlic Marketing Show | Marketing Podcast | Stories and Strategies That Don’t Stink

Best Marketing PodcastThis podcast costs nothing, not even your time.

In a world full of business “gurus” and “marketing experts” one man seeks the latest marketing techniques that are actually working, plus finds the real stories of triumph and failure from those REALLY doing it.

Guests like #1 Marketer Neil Patel, Tucker Max, Ryan Deiss from Digital Marketer, Michael Port and many, many more…

Ian Garlic has hands on helped hundreds of businesses with marketing strategy and execution.  As CEO of authenticWEB, Ian launched hundreds of websites, produced even more online videos, and also been through the ringer a few times.

Mr.Garlic knows the online marketing techniques that work for REAL businesses and will help to save time and money on the road to happiness.

Inspiring stories of business triumph and failure,

cutting edge video marketing techniques,

secrets to global domination,

and a sexy voice all rolled into…

The Garlic Marketing Show

PS There might be some food talk but it’s not guaranteed.

PPS Garlic doesn’t really stink.  Neither should your marketing.

PPPS I don’t like when people overuse Post Scripts. And #hashtags.

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Top YouTube Marketing Trends for 2023

As digital and video marketing continues to rapidly grow and evolve, there are trends within every social media platform. One platform that is experiencing explosive growth is YouTube.      In this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ian Garlic is going to explain some of the current marketing trends on YouTube and how you […]

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How to Plan and Manage Marketing Projects with Gray MacKenzie

The first step in using a project management tool is to define your project management methodology.    This will help you identify the roles and responsibilities of each team member, as well as define the process that they’ll use to manage their time.      That’s why we brought Gray MacKenzie, Co-Founder of ZenPilot, onto […]

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How One Link Building Agency Got Links from New York Times and Rolling Stones, Aaron Anderson from

It’s no secret that networking is an essential part of career and business success.    But did you know there are parallels between networking and link building?   Just like networking builds relationships, links create relationships between websites.      Link building involves the process of creating inbound links to your website, which is important […]

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Zeenk’s DTC Ads Analytics Strategy with Brian Eberman

It’s no secret that not all audiences are created equal. Some are more important, some are more engaged, and some are more lucrative. So how do you identify and tier your audience?     The first step is to understand the different types of audiences.    There are three primary types:  Prospective customers or clients   […]

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