Get out of your Cesspools of Intellectual Comfort

It’s easy to spend time doing the things that are comfortable. Reading things we agree with. Complaining as a group about the things WE don’t like. The internet has made it even easier to find those comfortable places.
No fresh water enters those pools of intellectual comfort. The ideas start to ferment. Ideas pass around, get repackaged a little. No one challenges the memes. The information pool becomes a cesspool. Yet we don’t smell the stink because we are in it.
Humans have the ability to adapt to extremes. The extremes become the norms. Then anything else becomes uncomfortable.
Become a better human, and step out of your pool.
Spend at least 5 minutes everyday really reading something that makes you uncomfortable. Actively listen to someone you feel is nothing like you. Try and find what is right there, instead of thinking why you are right.
Want to really be challenged? Make a video explaining the virtues of something someone else likes.
You will become a much better listener and storyteller for it.
You also might turn around and find the pool of information you were stuck in really does smell a little.