Building your business whether new or old

Building your business

I know many people think of marketing consultants as sales people, and they are right. I am a sales person. Guess what, so are you. Everyone is selling something. Whether it is a new type of marketing, attorney services, or your recent work to your current client, we are all salespeople in some shape or form. How well we do it and the assistance we get determines our level of success.
Even the first writing utensil had to be sold Value had to be explained. The inventor or salesperson demonstrated utility to someone.
I love to utilize marketing and invention to see organizations grow. Law firms have such an incredible potential, and usually what is holding it back are attorneys. I do not usually toot my own horn in this but I am passionate not only about the company and services I represent but also the outcomes of my clients. I am lucky because an integral part of my job is not only find the desire for more and higher quality clients, but helping firms build upon the success of obtaining them.
If I could start a new business every day I would be happy. It is not because I have a short attention span. I thrive on the challenges that are posed by building business. I enjoy helping lawyers further determine their niche, targeting it and getting those new clients.
As I see it, there are two big fallacies lingering in most attorneys minds. One is that other attorneys do not offer personalized service. Most of the firms I work with take to heart their clients and personalized service is not an offering but the only way they would ever practice law.
The other big delusion most firms have is that all lawyers in the same practice area are seeking the same clients. I believe this myth to be perpetuated by the Yellow Pages. Sure you can have a personal injury lawyer section, maybe even auto accidents, but you can not have a section for aggressive attorneys, compassionate attorneys, soft spoken attorneys etc. The internet allows for each attorney and every law firm to be truly introspective. Look into why they went to law school. Now, Build a practice and an incredibly successful business around that. Trust me there are as many different approaches and types of law as there are attorneys out there.
In short, what I am trying to say is I am not there trying to sell you a website and leave. I love to really help business expand not only in volume, but also into a company/firm that is happy with its place in the world and the day to day operations. That is the definition of success for a law firm and for me.