Foley, Griffin, Jacobson, and Faria’s DWI and Personal Injury Video

Foley Griffen Personal Injury

personal injury video
Video on the web increases in popularity daily. When dealing with important services like personal injury law or finding the best DWI attorney for your needs, seeing how a professional speaks and moves is a big factor. Many attorneys have subtle differences and web videos let let the public see them.
Foley Griffin Jacobson and Faria created a new attorney video to display their personalities to potential clients. The Studio Shot 1 was filmed by the teams at FindLaw and distributed throughout the web. The documentary style web video is candid and not the typical “In-your-face-peronsal-injury-tv-commercial” that gives attorney marketing a bad name. Tom Foley, Jay Jacobson, and Brian Griffin portray who they are and how the firm is helping those in criminal want. The video provides the New York lawyers extra visibility but in addition eases the vital resolution of opting for the most productive advocates in a foul state of affairs.