Change is not the End

Financial Apocalypse?

Sure, we could be going through a financial apocalypse. However, do you truly know what an apocalypse is? By definition it is the end of an era, a change revealed to the select few. Those blind to opportunity are the ones depicted weeping, pulling out hair and gnashing their teeth. We remember them because these images are, well, memorable. An apocalypse is opportunity, and whenever their is massive change their are massive opportunites.
Fortunes are made in times like these, because the earth has shifted and gold lies under a rock it never did before. People start to mistrust the advisors that told them to invest in Merril Lynch and Bernie Madoff. The smart money does not hide but looks elsewhere.
The world is an amazing place because information now moves more freely than ever. Rumors and news and facts are mashed into one and desseminated. Text messaging, twitter, email have provided us more than enough news and Search sorts it out. Gone are the days of trusting what your financial advisor or the family attorney said. You can, and shoould, look up the answer for yourself.
The world is looking up answers on the web and in social media and if you are not in that conversation your business will die. No matter how good you are, or “real time”responsive, those that are not involved, not just present, in the world wide revelation that is the internet might as well decide to go live on a mountain and hope someone might stumble upon them there.
What I am saying is, an apocalypse is not the end but a new beginning, but if you are reluctant to change, then yes, it is the end. The real risk lies in not doing anything at all.