Fear and Blogging in Las Internet: Number One Rule of the Internet

I still encounter a few people that believe that no one is looking for them on the internet. HA! Now people can buy a brand new micro computer that connects to the internet ANYWHERE for $200. People are not going to Google or FB for a little info about you and your industry? (that’s Facebook, which has the the fastest growing ACTIVE communities anywhere)????

This Post is not about those people. It is about the rest of the folks I encounter. What stops most from participating, from being active, from getting their word out?
FEAR. More importantly, irrational fear.

Don’t Be Afraid of Blogging

People think blogging is difficult. It’s not.

People think they are going to break the internet. There are plenty of very smart 17 year olds that are trying and cannot.

People think it is going to absorb and waste their time. Well it can, but that is completely a choice. That’s why God invented clocks, outlines and mindmapping software

You may be afraid of saying the wrong thing and upsetting a lot of people. I say to this. Best of luck! If you do upset a lot of people, that will mean traffic to your site, to your blog and more links to your web presence. If your business has a small group of customers, and you are addressing them and in the mean time cause a ruckus, AWESOME!
My mother always said that when people stop talking about you is when you have to worry. Never before has this been as important as on the web.
Domino’s had a fiasco with their YouTube debacle Not only did they manage the publicity, Domino’s sales are now up!

So is there anything you have to be afraid of when venturing on the web? Yes. It is the crux of man’s existence and the one thing we do not notice until it’s too late.

Be Afraid of Lost Time.

You can never go back in time and write a blog post, or get the URL aging faster and increase the age of the links to your new video. Get started right now. Can’t think of where to start?

Write a comment here. Better yet, write a response on your blog. Even better, turn on your video camera and capture a live response.

Just Start. NOW. No Excuses.