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Great Workshop and Networking Opportunity in Orlando

I just attended an amazing workshop at BizHub Club, THE virtual office and meeting space in Orlando. It was put on by Robert Bobroff of the Orlando Business Journal.  It was not a hardcore, “Advertise in the Orlando Business Journal or Fail” type of event.

This workshop was fantastic and should be attended for two major reasons. The content is highly valuable but the medium is definitely one to be mimicked.

Business Tips For USING the Orlando Business Journal

Rovbert Bobhoff

Robert gave a lot of great ideas for utilizing the OBJ.  I get so much information in front of me everyday, a lot of it goes by the wayside.  Information that has definite ROI is important to me. Robert went throughout the paper and showed me exact ways to utilize this weekly publication.

Some of the tips include:

  • Communicating with Editors & Writers properly
  • Finding Leads by Reading Between The Lines
  • Leveraging OBJ to make yourself more valuable to Prospects & Current Clients
  • Properly Timing Conversations in OBJ with your communications
  • Finding Great Networking Opportunities

Robert also provided a lot of highly insightful, yet common sense, action items for further enforcing the above mentioned items.  Things like getting to networking events early may seem common sense but many people don’t do it.

I guarantee if you attend one of these events, you will find at least one valuable tidbit you have not thought of. It will be more like four or five to-do’s.

The Medium is (part of) the Message | Consummate and Facilitate with Definite Action Items

Robert’s style is laid back but professional, which was engaging but the methodology is definitely something all can learn from.  As stated in The 6 Rules of Authentic Social Media Marketing, consummating the relationship in real life is very important.  What I thought was fantastic was the way Robert also facilitated the OBJ at the same time. As we all are becoming publishers now with Web Sites, Blogging, and Social Media, everyone should pay close attention to this for maximizing returns from your efforts.

By bringing people together at BizHub, Robert consummated the relationship.  Doing this while providing value at the same time puts a positive, personal face to the OBJ. We are humans, and no matter how power technology is and how connected we are electronically nothing will ever replace human interaction.

Facilitating-Robert made sure to make the OBJ as viral as possible by not only point out online tools for using the OBJ, but giving definitive action items for spreading the OBJ.  He did this in context of value to me. Simply putting an “email this” of “join us on Facebook” button is not enough.  You have to show people how to use it and you have to give people a reason to do this.  Robert’s reason for me to go and send people the OBJ was that I would be showing my value to prospects and clients.


Robert mediated his prospects and clients by introducing us to each other as well as adeptly honing in on our individual needs as business peeps.  He put the OBJ and himself in the middle of a great networking experience, further enforcing positive attitudes toward the OBJ. Another Guarantee: If any business does come out of that networking event, anyone involved will be a subscriber to the OBJ for a long time.

So you say you don’t have a paper?  As I said before, you should have a blog AND be on social media.  That is your publishing outlet. No matter what your business, if you attend one of these workshops and utilize both the tips and observe the methods, you will be more successful.

( Next workshop located at the Disney Entrepreneurship Center Friday October 29th at 8a.m. )Entrepreneurship centertracking code