Service SEO | Avoid Commoditization on the internet and Do what you love

Service SEO : Know the Questions

Sure you can optimize your site for your field, but are you there when your ideal clients are asking their deepest, darkest questions?  Do you know what these questions are?  I will give you a hint, it’s not keywords.  Sometimes, your actual industry is not even mentioned there.

Service SEO is about optimizing for questions and having your answers there instilled with  your Unique Value Proposition.  The beauty of being a lawyer, a doctor, a dentist, or a completely new service industry is that there are many ways to answer a question.  Sure there some core criteria, but the entire answer is not absolute.

Where does the Road to Product SEO Lead?  Commoditization

If you simply are in a list of Accountants, you are battling on essentially the same criteria, usually price.  How do you stand out?  Gimmicks. Interruption. The Old Marketing.  Hop in your time machine and call Don Draper if you want to do that.  This road leads to one place. Commoditization, Working hard to cut margins. Making your practice, your office, you life, a heartless machine.

I am not saying that machines are bad.  I am not saying that machines don’t make money. They can make bookoo bucks.  But if you are not a numbers guy, a pure dollar bottom line guy, you want to avoid commoditization. You want to enjoy your business. You want to think Service SEO.

Speaking of the Bottom Line, What’s the Bottom line in the Value of  Service SEO

Here it is in a nutshell.  Let’s say you are a Cosmetic Dentist.  If Joe Shmo calls you says they are researching Cosmetic Dentists, it usually means one thing. They want to know costs.  Joe wants to know the bottom line.  Now Joe usually will want more, lots more, for less.  Your lip snarls. You can tell how bad this is going to end up.

Now you get a phone call from Janice.  She asks “How can I make my smile beautiful?”

Or you an attorney and you get a call “I was rear ended by a Fed Ex Truck that ran a stop sign. What do I do?”

These are people that need your help.  If you answer their questions well, and they feel aligned with you. Not only do you have a client, you have a great client.

People searching with the old Yellow pages mentality, Product Based SEO, are usually

  • Tire Kickers
  • Price Shoppers
  • Telemarketers/Spammers
  • Your Competition (How often do you scan YOUR results for the competition now multiply that times the number of people in your industry)

These people have nothing to benefit your business.  They are looking to take your time, your money and your happiness.  However, if you use Service SEO, you can target your ideal clients. You are going to win.

Questions Seldom / Never Asked to your face

We all think in questions.  What do other people think of myh teeth?  How can I easily lose weight? How can I look better? Is my Spouse cheating on me? Why do I hate my smile? Am I going to get sued? However these are not questions we will ask just anybody, especially a professional that might be condescending.  But with the trust we ahve developed in Google, we will ask a search engine.  We have perceived anonymity.  We have trust in the answer Why not?

There lie the power of Service SEO

By answering questions we serve our clients.  Service SEO gives us the opportunity to answer the deepest, darkest questions.  It gives you as the service professional the AMZING opportunity to connect at a deep level before even meeting your new patient, your new client.  The more of yourself you put into those answers, the more specific questions you answer, the more your increase your authority, improve the relationship and improve your business.  All of this before even a phone call is made.

That is the power of Service SEO.