QOD “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” — Eckhart Tolle

I was at lunch with two exceptionally intelligent and kind attorneys yesterday.  Although both were at different points in business and career development, both felt tired and anxious, as did I.   If we sat back and looked at it, we all were successful, healthy and eating at a great restaurant.

As an entrepreneur, there is a natural drive to make things better.  As an attorney not only do you look to improve you practice, but generally, you are trained to look for problems.  Both shift your focus to the negative, even if the outcomes are positive.

Part of marketing is finding someone’s pain and speaking to it.  Advertising and the local news have done that well.  The other part of marketing is appealing to someone’s greed.  Shows that display extraneous wealth really have tapped into our society’s psyche.

The result: We are unhappy and anxious as a society.

The answer: Instill techniques in your daily life and work to bring back the focus.

Some ways: Set clear definite goals and celebrate them, even small ones.

Start a daily gratitude journal.  Check out this cool app to help you,

Write one thank you note per day.

There is so much we can be happy about and still drive forward. Happy people live longer. Happy people make more.  Happy people are more successful.  Not the other way around.