Marketing with the Mind of a Trader

I was a successful trader for years. I used trading profits to start my current company. I still trade my own money. One thing I learned early on from much research is that the only commonality to great traders was mindset.

Many people think great traders are geniuses, but few are. It’s all about trade management and that is done through mindset.

So I am kicking off a Multi-mindset Monday on marketing with the mind of a trader.

The first step to being a great trader is knowing your entry and your exit. This is not “I have a $1000 dollar budget and I want to make $10,000.” To really succeed at trading you should have a clear idea of what success looks like. What type of client? How much are they worth? What are you willing to pay? What’s the best mix of marketing?

You should also have an out if things go wrong.

The clearer you are here, with your goals and an exit strategy, the more you improve your odds of success.

You will also prevent emotion from getting in the way.

One thing I am going to reiterate throughout this series is that emotions will get in the way. Your emotions before you start paying for marketing will be completely different. By being clear on what success and failure look like ahead of time, you greatly increase your odds of staying in the game and steering clear of emotional responses.