The Complete Human Mindset

Early last week I was on location in Richmond, Virginia working with Personal Injury Attorney Wayne O’Bryan. The guy knows marketing.

He recommended a writer to me, Roy Williams. William’s accessible marketing insights can supercharge your marketing.

“The single greatest mistake made by most advertisers today is not seeing their
customers for real”

-Roy Williams

In Wizard of Ads, Roy says to “see your customer for real”. When I talk about thinking about your ideal client this is what I mean.

As business people, we default quickly to seeing our client as a demographic. We believe that what we are doing for them is all that is going on in their life.

Even as I write that it seems inane. Of course people have lives outside their encounters with me. They have people that influence them, other things they read, and other places they go, both online and in real life.

“Though you may pretend otherwise, you are the same person at work that you are at home. There is no magical change of identity that occurs while you are in transit.”

Williams, Roy H. (2013-11-21). Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads (Kindle Locations 189-190). Wizard Academy Press. Kindle Edition.

When we think of our prospects and clients as complete humans, think about their daily lives, their hopes, their dreams, and their fears, we take on an amazing advantage in our marketing mindset. Our marketing will stand out from the crowd because we improve our conversations with our prospects

Roy Williams said that this mindset would “yield multiples not percentage increases” in advertising. This is advertising, where the noise is greater and there is no permission.

Now envision taking on the complete human mindset in internet marketing. Online, your prospects are actively searching for the answers to their fears, their hopes, and their dreams. Think about your ideal clients as complete humans, not just clients, and you will have the essential mindset to successful internet marketing.