The John Garlic Mindset

In honor of Father’s Day (My first as a father!), I wanted to talk about my father, John Garlic’s, mindset. I thought about it for a while, and really it was a combination of a few.

My father was an amazing salesperson.  From what I heard, He was the #1 Cadillac salesman in the Midwest.  He also sold many an orange grove in Greater Orlando that would become subdivisions.

John Garlic also was a visionary entrepreneur.  He and my mother started the first Gyro distributorship and spread the Gyro throughout the United States as chronicled in this NY Times article.

From there they started three wildly successful restaurants in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that are still remembered. This included a restaurant with live dolphins.

After losing almost everything in the recession of the 80’s, he entered real estate in Florida and created a successful real estate company in Florida which he closed up when he was diagnosed with kidney failure.

I know he would have became something else if he would have not died 20 years ago.

John Garlic lived life to its fullest. He seldom cared what other people thought (much to the chagrin of a certain 16 year old boy). John Garlic, former Marine had utmost confidence in his success and never settled for mediocrity. He always worked hard with Midwestern work ethic at the important tasks. He never gave up, fighting until the day he died.

Absolute confidence.

Never settling for mediocrity.

No fear of embarrassment.

Tenacity to the important tasks.

There you go, the John Garlic Mindset. No matter what you do, if you live and market with those mindsets, there is no way you will not be wildly successful.