Mindset Mondays: The Fixed Lens Mindset

I almost always have a fixed lens on my camera.  That means no zoom. You have to do much more to frame an image, but it forces you to think in a singular way.

We have been brought to believe that more options lead to a better piece of art – but all of the choices for your  marketing may actually be ruining it.

Picasso could (and did) paint vivid, realistic paintings.

Ansel Adams had plenty of access to color film.

The beauty comes from the limit.  The art from the restraints.

I know.  Your business is not a Picasso.

You need color. You need everything. You need everyone!

I’ll pose two questions to you:

– Would you give up everyone to have just a twinge of Picasso in your marketing?

– Would you rather be average to everyone or have one of your clients spread the word that you are the Ansel Adams of whatever you do?

By limiting your conversation, your message, your audience, and your mediums, you will get more impact from your marketing.

Maybe start thinking of your marketing as a haiku – a limiting, yet beautiful art form.

Be Remarkable 

Simpler, often the hard choice

Less should be your path