Searching for Social Media Marketing Success Mindset

I’ve been listening to the audiobook for Josh Waitzkin’s The Art of Learning.  It’s intense and deep. If you really want to get in touch with the power of mindset, pick this up. Josh narrates how he became a chess champion and then went on to become a Tai Chi push hands champion.

Every aspect of his championship development involved the introspection of Mindset.  Step by step, he shaves a little of the poor mindsets off and improves by discovering a new one.

Push Hands Tai Chi
Push Hands Tai Chi

At one point he talks about depth vs. breadth. In chess, Josh delved into the simplest of set ups, pawn vs. king. For most of us, that would be boring. For Josh, it became a foundation as he studied everything around it. Most of us would look at Push Hands (and it’s exactly what it sounds like)  and wonder, “Why?”  It’s about depth. Being a champion through depth is an esoteric, but deeply powerful mindset.

While I encourage trying new ways of marketing, there are too many coming out. If you chase everything and try everything, you will spread yourself too thin.  Even an entire marketing team would be exhausted by trying to attempt every new marketing idea!

Last week, I gave a class on social media success to a room full of personal injury attorneys. I saw the fear in my students’ eyes as they became overwhelmed.  The students felt they had to be everywhere.  You don’t. You do need to be on social media, but find a place (maybe two) that works for you. Then start to explore; get deeper into the users and the platform.

You can become remarkable at some part of online marketing once you explore depth.

Here are some examples of going deep in:

Celebrity chef Alton Brown uses Post-Its on twitter.

There is a depth to the conversations being had. There is depth to the mechanics, and therein lies your opportunity to be your own marketing champion.