The Labor Day Mindset

For all of the rhetoric about the problems in America, we still live in an amazing country. We take Labor Day off to celebrate those who work hard to keep our country moving.

It’s easy to celebrate the days off and look forward to the time off to relax. It’s easy to dread going back to work and the start of the end of the year. The beauty of the U.S. is your labor is your choice.

The American Dream is not about getting the biggest house or having the biggest law practice or getting all of the business out there.

The American Dream is that we are able to work as much as we want and improve ourselves in the way we want.  That is why so many people struggle so hard to immigrate to here.  Sure there are countries that work harder, but is it toward self-improvement?  Is it toward what the individual wants or toward what a society or a government or an oppressor wants?

The U.S. allows anyone to work toward improvement. There is opportunity for almost everyone to labor in the way they want.  Those opportunities are growing as educational boundaries fall by the wayside.

So when you are looking at what’s wrong with your life and your business, look to the ways you can improve. For most, the only true oppression in the United States is a poor mindset.


I say for most, because I do not want to take away from remaining pockets of oppression. Please know that there are still migrant workers who are truly oppressed, as well as other groups that live in virtual slavery. Because of our opportunity, I believe we all have the responsibility to be conscious of those who still face oppression in our country.

It is a slippery slope to allow the oppression of anyone in this country for any reason.  You never know when your rights, or the rights of your children, will fall down that slope.