The Investment Mindset

Most people view their marketing as an expense.  Every payment, every minute spent on marketing costs you money.  The truth is, if you are a business owner, marketing is the best investment you can make.

There is no other business that you have as much clarity in. If you invest in Apple, Google or another business you are taking a risk on a very limited amount of knowledge.

On the other hand, a dollar spent in marketing should yield a much bigger return, if handled properly. If you take the same advice as you take in squirreling away for retirement, 10% per month, your business could double or triple in the next 5 years.

Marketing, like a good investment, does compound and you will get breakpoints that help you to leap forward, as we talked about in the punctuated equilibrium mindset.  Unlike most other investments, your marketing is not at the mercy of market makers or shady CEOs.  I am assuming you are not a shady CEO.

Kevin has it figured out.

As mentioned, marketing is an investment of money and time. If you do not feel the investment is worthy you either do not trust yourself or you do not trust your marketing. If you do not trust yourself, talk to a business consultant. If you do not trust your marketing, find a marketing expert, just as you would find an investment expert.

Marketing, like investments, can be tied up in all sorts of emotional responses. If you work on your mindset, continuous and constant improvement, and have an expert or two to help your marketing will yield a much bigger return than any stock.