The ABC Mindset

“Nothing was ever purchased without someone first buying a story.”

– Me

“Always be closing.”

– Glengarry Glen Ross

Coffee is for closers. Depending on your age, you may or may not have heard that saying. Going for the close in the Digital Marketing Age is the kiss of death. We can feel the sale and our brains become attuned to shut it out.

The New ABCs of sales are Always Be Converting. Converting is getting someone to take the next step. The next step may be to come back to your website or remember your name, or to think of a reason why the other guys is not as good as you.

The next step might be a download. No matter what that next step is, it is a conversion point. Any time a prospect takes a next step you are converting them. How do you get them to take the next step? You get them to tell a story in their brain.

“This guy seems nice, let me learn more about him.”

“There may be a time I need this resource, let me book mark it.”

“You know, Aunt Mary is facing foreclosure and this guy seems like he could help her, I will download this information for her.”

Those internal dialogues often go unheard, but I guarantee you that you have one before you take any next step, no matter how subtle. So Always Be Converting by making the story clear.

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