The Yes Mindset

Welcome to the first video Mindset Monday!

This week’s Mindset features one of Infusionsoft’s certified consultant trainers, Mark Bailey. I was out in Arizona a few weeks ago for Certified Partner Training at Infusionsoft’s headquarters, and I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark about what he feels is the most important mindset a small business owner – or anyone, for that matter – should have.

I’ll talk more about Infusionsoft on authenticWEB’s website, so for now just take Mark’s words to heart.

“I think it’s a Yes mindset, and a You Can Do It mindset. Because usually the confused mind is always going to say no, when you start introducing an idea, or you have a dream or vision of what you want to do, the first thing you want to think about is technically how am I going to do this? And so the answer to anything you want to do is Yes. Because I will figure it out.” – Mark Bailey, Infusionsoft