The Hopeful Mindset

Many of you work in a field where you must find out what is wrong.  You are trained to find problems. Your mind is not focused on hope.

When it comes to marketing your business, you must be filled with hope.  Without hope, you will be miserable. Without hope, there is little chance of approval.

A lack of hope will not allow you to make mistakes.  If you fail without hope, why get back up?

If you take it upon yourself to make a good plan and set time to execute it, be hopeful it will work.  Great marketing takes time.  If you are hopeful, you will find the small wins that will give you the fuel to reach for the big wins.

If you find a reputable marketer who cares for your business and understands your goals, then hope should be part of your strategy. They will work together with you to achieve your deepest goals.

I am not talking blind faith, but excitement throughout the project.  Everyone has excitement at the beginning of a marketing project. The more hope you have toward the middle and later stages of a project, the better you will do.

Mistakes will be made.  Marketing will seldom work perfectly.  Hope will let you know that something better is around the corner when failure occurs. Hope allows you to learn and improve instead of dwelling on what went wrong.

You must be critical if you are in a business of finding problems.  If you are an attorney, an auditor, an editor or an oncologist, you scour for horrible problems.

When you find new clients, you must be filled with hope. Hope will also let you be overcome with the feeling of success when marketing exceeds your expectations.  I promise you that if you do it steady enough, success will happen.