What the Google Glass Fail means to Your Business

According to SEJ author Matt Southern, Google Glass is on its way out. It was a big idea, with great initial reception, from brilliant people with lots of money, clout, plenty of research and marketing expertise.

Oh, and they control the information flow FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD.

How can we make Glasses and Black not cool? Google Glass!

So what’s the Google Glass Faile mean to your business?

Even the seeming best idea, incredibly executed, can #FAIL.  It does not mean not to do it.  It does not mean not put yourself out there, and try something new.


You should always fire bullets, then cannonballs. Don’t put everything on the line.

Other than that, try something new, as long as it moves toward your long term mission and does not distract from current goals.  Even though Google Glass Failed, it accomplished both of those. It was helping Google “Index the world’s Information” and progressed beyond normal search.

I have my own opinions on the failure of Google Glass and why it happened, but in such a complex world, you never truly know if something is going to work, why it failed or why it succeeded. You can only learn.

Get inspired by Google Glass Fail. What are you going to do this year that will make people look at you funny? In this world, if you aren’t #FAIL ing at something big then you are actually failing to progress.