Give Past The Pain

Creating a business and marketing it can be painful for many reasons. The key to pushing past the pain is giving, and the act should be natural.

When you give away ideas, you don’t loose your ideas…
You actually increase your ability to create more ideas!

What happens when you hold your ideas in?
You deprive the world of your idea and you deprive yourself because your idea never grows.

If you only hold onto your ideas, where will your new ideas go?
The truth is, we only have so much room in our head. Make some room and give your ideas a chance to thrive! Once you’ve let your idea out, someone can improve upon your ideas; in turn giving you more ideas.

The more you help others, the more you improve yourself.
The more you improve yourself, the more you can help others.

In marketing, you should give away enough to show and teach people that they need your help. Give away a lot of information in the context of you, your story and in the context of people you want to work with. The more you can give, the more likely you will be to find your specific clientele.

Join me and start understanding the philosophy of why you should be gracious in your marketing and the actions you can take to give past the pain.