Marketing Like Water

The end goal of marketing is to make someone do something, but truly marketing should inspire someone to do something…

The key to great marketing is having fluidity in your strategy, providing persistence with purpose. To be fluid is to accept things as they are and to move around them with ease and grace.

Accept that there are ways other than your own.
Don’t be set in your ways, be set in your goals.

You will find that embodying fluidity and persistence in your marketing have a far greater effect than pushing again something that isn’t working.

Don’t push what doesn’t work,
Go around it.
Look at what’s working and move in that direction.

If you still feel stationary, how can you go around the problem?
Or, are you not persistent enough?

Join me in discovering how to think of your marketing like water. Learn to guide your potential clients slowly, drip on your viewers, and bring them around.