Not Knowing

Are you feeling stuck?

The important thing to always remember is that it is okay not to know. In fact, the answers worth finding are often found as you go through the unknown.

Entrepreneurship requires an active state of not knowing. Since known paths aren’t as profitable, being comfortable in not knowing is the key to life. In business, for example, you don’t know how someone will search a variety of keywords or phrases. You may ask yourself…

How do I know what they are going to search for?
How do I get seen in this ocean of people like me?

Provide value.

Value is a term we use freely when creating web designs and marketing plans. To connect on value gives reason for someone to trust you and give value back in the form of business.

While it is impossible to know how well or how poorly something will turn out, not knowing is not an excuse to not improve your life and your business. You should still move forward, always pay attention and adapt.

Join me in learning the tactics to move through the unknown!