Branding is for Cattle. People Buy Stories.

I’ve heard variations of that quote attributed to Roy Disney Jr. I am not saying your “brand” is not important. It is.

You are defining Brand the wrong way

Most people define brand the wrong way. They think of it as a logo, or colors. That’s not a brand, at least not the one you should worry about first.

When you see the Mickey Mouse ears, you do not think of a mouse. You think about a cartoon that made you happy, or taking your kids to the Magic Kingdom. I think of the vision and persistence of Walt Disney. I also think of the maniacal control of the Disney Corporation.

Branding is For Cattle

As CEO of an Internet Marketing Agency, I have been in plenty of “branding” meetings.  They are always a waste of time.  Businesses treat branding like they are branding cattle.  It’s talks of marketing property and they want the brand logo to “say something”

A cattle brand “says something”.  It say this the the property of a certain ranch.  Even a cattle brand has a story, a story told by the actions of that ranch over years.  Concentrate not on the brand, but on creating and spreading your stories.

People buy stories

Instead of thinking of the logo, and typeface for your brand, spend time thinking about the stories you tell yourself.  Think about the stories your team tells.  Craft the stories you create for your clients.

The story I tell myself about Disney, the memories from my childhood are the reason we go to Disney World.  The escape and entertainment.

What are the stories customers tell themselves about working with you?  I bet it’s deeper and different then you think.  I guarantee it has nothing to do with your “branding”.

Creating the best branding

Craft those stories and take them to a great design team, to a great copywriter and a great videographer.  Let them translate those stories into works of art.  Then keep fulfilling on those stories.

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