Video Agency Mastermind: Adding SEO Services to Your Agency

This is the third part of a 5 part series that will help you add video to your agency. This part focuses on adding SEO to your agency. SEO these days is about creating great original content. Clients are often worried about someone stealing their content. This can be a concern with written content but if someone steals their video content the client gets more visibility. In addition to creating original content your videos will also show up in YouTube. There are some basic SEO tactics you can use to get these videos to rank well quickly.

The best tactic is finding long tail search terms. These are much more specific search terms than regular keywords. When you are conducting these interviews with your clients you will learn many great search terms that you may not have thought of before. Adding SEO in this way does not require an expert or a lot of knowledge.

If you are ready to start creating video content and adding SEO to your services download the Mobile Video Studio Equipment Guide.