10 Systems You Need to Build a World-Class Video Agency in 2016

As a business owner you want to grow your business fast and make more money. One  common problem business owners face is a lack of effective systems. After reading this you will learn the 10 systems you can implement to grow your business faster and with less headaches. Let’s get started.

1. Discovery

If you do not have a system in place to get to know your clients you need one. There is so much information you need to have from your clients about what they truly want, what they need, where they are and where they want to be in the future.

2. Storyboard Strategy

This is a critical system to have in place. Many people skip this step and focus on implementing a bunch of tactics that will have to be customized later. This both wastes time and creates headaches throughout the process. Remember when you have an overall strategy you are able to provide value to the client and they know what we are going to do from our perspective and their clients perspective. In the end you are servicing the end user – their client.

3. Pre-Production

Having a pre-production system will help you gather information, remind people of expectations and help get everyone moving toward the same goal. Things are going to fall apart in production, that inevitable, but having a great pre-production system will help you get through the production process.

4. Production

Production is where most people start. Someone has an idea and jumps into producing something before the idea is fully thought out.

knowing how long a step should take, who is involved and the quality of work needed will help you get the level of experience you need on your team.

5. Post Production

Post production systems are critical in any business. How you deliver to a client and how things are changed is vital to your overall success. If you have implemented the other systems at this point everyone knows your client and what their expectations are. Making sure what you have produced matches these expectations is step that cannot be skipped.

6. Approvals

During your post production you will get some approvals but it is still important to get final approvals. This will ensure you are achieving the overall strategy, goals and make sure you are moving along with the client. Some clients will change their expectations, we have all been there. Having a system for approvals will help you remind the client of the overall strategy, goals and what you have done to achieve that goal.

7. SEO

SEO may not be a big part of your agency but you need to have some aspect built into your process. Developing a system for SEO will help you have the end user in mind throughout the process. This is done in the storyboard strategy you want to continue to do that. In the long run each client ultimately wants more leads. Even the simplest SEO strategy will help them achieve this goal.

8. Team

Your team system is not just about hiring and development it is how you communicate. These systems may not be perfect but having something in place will help you grow much smoother. Having a better culture will help you enjoy your business more.

9. Selling

Selling is the most critical system in your business. Many people have a marketing system but not a sales system. When you have a sales system in place you can make more sales, make the process more enjoyable for your clients and take care of a lot of headaches along the way. Putting together a working sales system will help you scale your business.

10. Up-selling

You can grow faster by offering better service to your existing clients. You need to have a system in place to prep your current clients to buy more from you. This is a much smoother process to grow revenue than finding new clients and put them through all your other systems. Start thinking about what you can upsell your clients to.

Start Small

Those are all the systems we use everyday in order to build and grow our agency. Don’t try to implement all of these systems at once. Pick out the one that will impact your business the most and start there.

Look at other places that you can find great systems and start to implement them into your business.