The $2000 in Equipment I Used to Sell $1 Million in Video Services

Over the years I have bought and used a lot of video equipment. I have tried everything out and have some very specific goals when purchasing new equipment. All of the equipment I use has to be both affordable and portable. Not only do I not want to spend a lot of money on the equipment but when traveling things will get broken or stolen. Having equipment that is less expensive will be easier to replace. Portability is important to think about since it may be one person traveling to a location for a shoot.


Below is the equipment we are currently using at authenticWEB to make awesome videos without breaking the bank.


The camera we use right now is the Nikon D7100. The Nikon was chosen over Cannon mainly for the sound. There is an option to input sound directly into the camera, visually monitor the sound and plug in headphones. The camera also has a great depth of color while being fairly easy to use. After adding a battery pack it is a little heavy but still a fraction of the weight of a full-size camcorder.


The primary lens we use for interviewing is the Sigma 30mm f/1.4. This allows us to have a big beautiful bokeh in the background. This lens also lets us get close which is important when you are interviewing at a clients office. Having a wide view while still being close to the subject is very important.


The lights we use are photodiox LED lights that can be dimmed and are very portable. Using two of these lights can provide a lot of lighting options very quickly. These lights also change colors without using gels.


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The microphone we are currently using is a Shure Lavalier. The base unit is wired but the lavalier is battery operated. We try not to use too many batteries because of the impact on the environment and to limit the chance of things going wrong.


The tripod we are using right now is a Benro. This tripod has a fluid head which allows for fluid pans. It is also very light weight which is critical because it may be one person dragging the equipment around to the client.

SD Card

Not all SD cards are the same. The higher the class on the individual card the faster it transfers the data. When purchasing a card it is important to get the fastest one possible. There is lots of data that is being transferred and you do not want to risk missing anything. Make sure not to get some off-brand card because the last thing you want to do is have the footage disappear.

Other Equipment

The other equipment we use is a GoPro with a gimbal stabilizer. This allows you to do very stable walking or pan shots and is perfect for B-roll. The GoPro and gimbal setup is extremely portable and can be taken anywhere and everywhere so you don’t miss that perfect shot.

If you are planning on purchasing this equipment download our equipment guide. There is a list of the equipment we used to use which is a little less expensive and the equipment that we are using now. Both sets of equipment will allow you to start shooting great video. There is always going to be something better out there but this list is what we have found to be the lightest and best value for shooting video. This is the perfect guide for adding some aspect of video right away.

Download the Mobile Video Studio Equipment Guide

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