The Return of the Garlic Marketing Show

Welcome Back the Garlic Marketing Podcast!

After a break, the Ian Garlic Marketing Podcast is back with more stories from the trenches. The show is going in a new direction by including new voices and first-hand stories from leading marketing experts.

Future episodes will explore how companies both big and small create effective marketing strategies that build connections. There will also be a renewed emphasis on delving deep into Dynamic Case Stores. If you’ve been wondering how to best share your customer’s stories to create powerful relationships and gain trust, be sure to listen to future episodes coming out soon!

The digital marketing world is evolving rapidly! Our systems for collecting the customer stories and distributing them has continued to evolve, and there is so much to share about this exciting process. We’ll be talking about how you can best market along the customer journey with customer stories and how to guide your prospective customer to your end product or service. If you run a business, you need this vital information!

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What You’ll Learn:

  • What to expect in future episodes
  • Effective teamwork
  • The importance of selling stories- Dynamic Case Stories

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