The ONE Marketing Game Changer for Healthcare Providers: How this Doctor Used Patient Success Stories to Increase Referrals and Stop “Selling” to Patients with Dr. Chad Stephens

The Doctor Who Bridged Medicine and Marketing

Are you ready for RAD Chad?

The Garlic Marketing Show is back and ready to conquer the marketing field with “rad Chad.” On this week’s episode, we are joined by Dr. Chad Stephens, CEO of Noble Pain Management & Sports Medicine, interventional pain specialist, public relations consultant, speaker, AND former BMX racer – the “rad Chad.”

Many doctors fail to bridge the gap between medicine and marketing, but Chad poured his heart and soul into his marketing. Now, his reputation is so well-known in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that his business is based strictly on referrals and repeat customers. He realized early that healthcare and marketing aren’t about the biggest return on the dollar, but changing patients’ lives.

Tune in for this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show with Chad Stephens where he shares the ONE marketing game changer that increased referrals and helped him stop “selling” to patients!

I try to go the extra mile and make my referrals and my patients feel like VIPs.


Dr. Stephens Uses Life-Changing Patient Success Stories to Air on TV

Patients walk in with a story. We understand doctors are busy, but it takes the right doctor to really listen to their patient’s story and apply the best form of treatment for their pain, needs, and health goals. Dr. Stephens has some amazing patient stories and he’s found one of his best forms of PR is to share those stories on TV.

He’s in “the know” with the local reporters. He pitches them his most recent patient success stories to share on the air. These success stories have turned Dr. Stephens into THE expert for his community, but most importantly he’s reaching a greater audience who need his help. His patient success stories are giving potential patients, suffering from similar injuries the hope and faith they need for treatment.

Dr. Stephens tells us his patient success stories are his personal bulletproof marketing method. Marketing isn’t about the dollars, it’s about how valuable it is for potential patients.

Having a full practice is not enough. My goal is to get patients better, so they don’t have to keep coming back to me.

You should be marketing to the audience that needs YOU and your treatment.


Healthcare isn’t about the newest procedure, it’s about relieving the needs of your patients

In healthcare, new and innovative procedures are the buzz. Some people are ready to hop on board with the new, and others are wearier.

For Dr. Stephens, he does his own research when it comes to new procedures in healthcare (like most doctors should). He talks to medical leaders in the field – to learn what’s working and what’s not working. After he’s gathered his research he makes his own decision whether a new procedure will benefit his patients. He’s learned it’s not about the latest craze or the biggest return on the dollar. He looks at the needs of his patients.

Kick off the new season of the Garlic Marketing Show with Dr. Chad Stephens and learn the ONE marketing game changer for healthcare providers!

What You’ll Learn:

  • The ONE marketing game changer
  • Why patient stories are successful marketing
  • How to bridge medicine and marketing
  • The story that transformed his practice
  • How every doctor can increase referrals RIGHT NOW

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