Hiring a Videographer vs. Video Marketer: What’s Best For Your Business?


We’re on episode 3 of the NEW season of the Garlic Marketing Show! Are you ready for a more innovative marketing approach? If you’re tired of mainstream marketing, get ready to incorporate video into your pipeline. As social media and the internet continue to dictate the market place, the appropriate marketing needs to evolve in its footsteps. The Garlic Marketing Show is spilling the most exclusive marketing tips so you’re a step ahead of your competition.

The increase of pre-recorded, live, and shared videos have surfaced across YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Video started with friends sharing with other friends, but now businesses have latched onto the opportunity to expose their products and services as users scroll their feed. With video, potential prospects can see you, your services, and your previous customers. Video bridges the gap between “salesy” jargon and creates a relationship with viewers. You won’t want to miss the NEWEST season of the Garlic Marketing Show where we give you the inside scoop on video marketing. By listening to just ONE episode you’ll already feel like a video expert.

Excited to hear more? Don’t miss hiring a videographer vs. video marketer in the NEWest episode of the Garlic Marketing Show!

Here’s a sneak peek into the two dynamic video experts:


The Videographer With an Artistic Vision

A videographer has an artistic vision. The ultimate videographer understands the right lighting, sound, angles, and the subject. A videographer owns and directs the set. They know how to create a scene, fix a scene, manage talent (the subjects of a video), and how to make the subject of the video comfortable

Strengths of a Videographer:

    • Has the gear
    • Some understanding of marketing
    • Understands angles, lighting, sound


The Video Marketer With a Business Agenda  

Most of the time, agencies are looking for a video marketer. They want someone who understands the business side of a video. A video marketer is able to depict the scenes of a video and create it into a converting story. Clip by clip, sound bite by sound bite, and scene by scene all act together to move the prospect along the customer journey. There isn’t a moment wasted in the video that doesn’t drive the customer journey to its end. A video marketer also understands how, when, and where the video should be distributed via: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Strengths of a Video Marketer:

    • Helps Generate Traffic
    • Helps with Conversion
    • Leads Will Close Faster


Your Video’s, Our Listings

Both videographers and video marketers are extremely valuable for agencies. However, it’s important to know which is right for you and your company. Each video fanatic understands the need for video and can help increase your authority and exposure to potential prospects. Learn more about videographers vs. video marketers by watching the NEWest episode of the Garlic Marketing Show!

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