Want to Lower Your Ad Budget? How One MedSpa Ad Campaign Turned a $1,500 Budget Into $40,000 Gained Revenue

Another Leading Lady of the Marketing Field


Last week our guest, Christine Schlosnki was the Queen of the Heart-Sales-Mindset and rocked our world with her expertise. This week, we have another leading lady in the marketing field, April Iannazzone, Founder and President of Growth & Profitability. April generates high quality leads for medical spa companies, but her expertise can be applied to any business. Growth & Profitability specializes in holding the hands of potential prospects (or before they’re even a prospect) by walking them along the path to becoming a customer and finding a unique marketing angle.


Ad spend was $1,500 for the initial leads and 600 people opted-in, but the UltraSlim package produced $40,000 in revenue right away.

There’s no such thing as bad leads but it depends on how much you nurture it.


Along the path, Growth & Profitability will continuously nudge them with different ads or marketing techniques to get prospects to take the action Growth & Profitability wants. Other companies may do high promotions at the front or back end of the marketing funnel, but they are losing the customers along the way. Growth & Profitability doesn’t show them any part of the next funnel until they’ve taken the action they want. Tune in for this week’s leading lady, April Iannazzone and learn how she spent $1,500 in ad spend that turned into $40,000 in revenue!


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Why Contests & Quizzes Are So HOT Right Now


Depending on the type of business you have, you may want to start marketing with contests and quizzes to your potential prospects. April shares Growth & Profitability has been using contests AND quizzes to increase prequalified leads.

Growth & Profitability held a contest geared around promoting “UltraSlim,” a medical spa treatment. They created the contest on an app and added an explanation video of the product, so prospects can actually educate themselves on the treatment. Due to the explanation video and the giveaway, 600 people opted-in for the contest. Now, Growth & Profitability is looking at a huge list of customers who are educated AND interested in UltraSlim.

With this list, Growth & Profitability started pixelating. They created an ad funnel that retargeted and offered other alternative promotions for UltraSlim.

With each ad funnel, customers were becoming more and more familiar with the treatment. The ad spend was $1,500 but earned $40,000 in revenue RIGHT away.

These pre-qualified leads just kept getting hotter and hotter!

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Selfie Videos Aren’t Only For Boosting Your Social Circle, They Boost Business Too


April says on top of contests and quizzes, integrating casual videos into your marketing funnel creates a personal relationship with viewers.

Viewers become “scroll stoppers,” where they stop scrolling because they want to see what you’re doing when you’re not in your professional life. They’re curious about who you are on a day to day basis, out of the office.

Selfie videos without special effects end up being a great way to boost business and show your viewers who you really are.

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