If Your Website and Videos are NOT ADA Compliant, You Might Be in Legal Trouble: How to Avoid an ADA Lawsuit with Jamie Layne

Introducing the ADA Compliant Master

On this week’s episode, we’re covering an important topic for ALL businesses – website and video ADA compliance.

Our guest is shedding light on the grey area of ADA’s legal guidelines because there aren’t concrete laws. However, before making any rash changes to your website (on your own), either consult an attorney or consult Jamie. ADA compliance, for years, has remained in the “legal grey area” which is why many businesses are getting hit with ADA lawsuits.

For this reason, the Garlic Marketing Show is introducing Jamie Layne, CEO, and Founder of MarTEKnology, a software engineer and web accessibility consultant. Jaime’s also a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, and certified accessibility professional.

Avoid a costly lawsuit, attract a wider audience, and keep your current audience happy with these ADA secrets on this week’s episode.

“Your websites are truly an extension of your business, it’s a way for people to access your products and services. You’re excluding people from your service if your website isn’t accessible to everyone.”

The ADA Compliant Website [and Video] Checklist

American Disability Act (website compliance) is ensuring that your website is accessible to anyone who has a disability. In doing so, this keeps your website ahead of the competition who aren’t ADA compliant as well as showcasing yourself and company as an equal opportunity business.

For more information about ADA violations in 2019, read the federal lawsuit against Domino’s Pizza “Court Says Domino’s Pizza Website Must Be Accessible to the Blind.”

Here’s the ADA website [and video] checklist:

  • Is my website accommodating keyboard control?

Someone with a disability typically can’t use the mouse so they need assisted technology, devices, or sometimes even just a keyboard. Unfortunately, if the links on your website aren’t accessible or buttons need to be physically clicked, you’re violating ADA rights because they won’t be able to access it through keyboard control. Start accommodating keyboard control with links, navigation, photos, etc.

  • Is it perceivable?

Is someone able to see and understand how the website works without the website being strictly visual? Pictures, navigation, and buttons should go beyond just visual aesthetic. Is your website perceivable to assisted technology regarding images, videos, audio, and color? Keep your website distinguishable and perceivable.

Read our blog post here on StoryCrews.com about making your videos ADA compliant.

  • Is it operable?

Jamie asks the question, is it usable? If the user is using a keyboard navigator, a website needs to be interactive for all tools, not just a mouse.

  • Is it parsable?

A button can’t just say go if you don’t know the context of the button. A detailed context of buttons will eliminate the vagueness of buttons on your website. Updating the parsability can ensure your website provides equal access and opportunity to all users.

ADA Compliance Gives Your Company MORE Value 

Regardless of an expensive lawsuit, websites and videos without ADA accessibility lose traffic and potential prospects to competitors who are ADA compliant. With ADA compliance, users have more ability and increase their user experience.

By tweaking your website to ADA guidelines you’re increasing your website’s lifetime value, social platform value, and SEO ranking. If you’re still on the fence about ADA guidelines and procedures, don’t sweat it, tune in for Jamie Lyne on this week’s episode.

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Jamie’s GIFT to YOU:

Jamie is also offering a special gift at the end of the show because he’s dedicated to the equal access movement. He’s giving all listeners of the Garlic Marketing Show an ADA scan of ONE website page to see how at risk your website is. Unfortunately, if one page is at risk most likely multiple pages at risk, so Jamie’s offer is a good tool to use to your advantage and nip a future lawsuit in the bud. Don’t miss Jamie or his gift on this week’s episode.

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