How to Attract the RIGHT Clients and Employees to Reduce Churn by Focusing On Your Business’ Core Values with Monte Wyatt

Monte Wyatt, The Business Executive Hall of Famer

On this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, our special guest is Monte Wyatt, a Hall of Fame Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, and Business Growth Expert at ActionCOACH Business Coaching. Monte helps elite executives break down business growth barriers and reach new heights by unleashing their maximum potential. Are you ready to unleash your TRUE business potential? 

His recent book, ‘Pulling Profits Out Of a Hat: Adding Zeros to Your Company Isn’t Magic’ seeks to help business owners grow their business by multiples by honing in on 5 disciplines. Unlock the new potential for your business with Monte Wyatt on this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show!  


Do You Need a Business Coach?

The short answer, yes.

Nobody wants a coach, but everyone is looking for help when it comes to their marketing or sales. Most people think that getting a coach shows weakness, but that’s because they don’t understand what the right coach can accomplish for them.

Monte Wyatt says, “Get a coach who has been where you want to go.” Someone who’s been in a similar situation had similar pitfalls and is able to guide you to where you want to be.

The right coach is someone who listens to you and understands your situation. They’re not afraid to ask the tough questions that you haven’t been asked before. 

The right coach helps you see things in a new light and exceeds your potential to get you to take action. The same way, you create marketing. You create marketing to show potential prospects you can solve their problem, unlike any other business. You have the secret sauce to their problem! 

With the right you, the right core values and coach, then you will ultimately, attract your ideal audience. 


The Right You, The Right Marketing, The Right Clientele 

Core values are such an important part of a business. When a business’ core values are clearly defined and embodied by the business, it seeps into their marketing and leads to attracting the RIGHT employees and the RIGHT clientele. 

What does that mean for you and your business?

It means happier employees, happier clients, and a happier organization which keeps everyone passionate about what they’re doing.

Core values DRIVE your culture. They define the behavior you want everyone to live by. 

Once you define those values, you have to be willing to hire people, fire people, and walk away from business if they don’t support your core values. If your core values are aspirational, you’ll never reach them. They should be things you already embody. 

If you’re not sure what your core values are, if you’re still trying to define them and uphold them, you might be in need of finding a coach. 


authenticWEB Core Values Wall
A photo of authenticWEB’s Core Values Wall.

We’re Just Getting Started, Unlock Your Business’ True Potential Today

Establishing your core values is just ONE of the FIVE disciplines Monte Wyatt dives into in his book, ‘Pulling Profits Out Of a Hat.’ Listen to the full episode to hear about the other 4 disciplines that most businesses miss.

Are you intrigued? We’ve given you a slight peek into the elite business coaching. Now, dive into the full executive development and unlock your business’ true potential with Monte Wyatt on this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show! 


What You’ll Learn:

  • The 5 Disciplines Most Companies Overlook
  • Why You Need a Business Coach
  • Why You Need to Work on Your Core Values
  • How to Create a Winning Culture
  • How to Attract the Right Clientele

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