Best-Selling Author Michelle Prince’s Formula For Sharing Your Expertise and Elevating Your Brand

For this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ian sits down with Michelle Prince to talk about the importance of sharing your story. 


Michelle is a tour de force, whose long list of achievements include best-selling author, life coach, podcaster, self-publishing expert, motivational speaker, and CEO/Founder of Performance Publishing Group. She is a professional who is passionate about connecting with businesses and individuals and identifying their strengths and talents. Her vision has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to find their voice and become published authors through her consulting, seminars, and publishing services. In the episode, Ian and Michelle cover all you need to know about gaining authority through storytelling, including:  


The Formula for Generating Your Expertise

After years of working with businesses and entrepreneurs, Michelle has created a formula for driving successful stories. She believes that impactful information is often found where an individual’s experience intersects with their passion. She stresses the importance of pinpointing the balance between what you find motivating and what you are most knowledgeable about. People are often quick to talk about what they know best, but the message is sometimes lost if they lack passion. This is why finding the magic zone where the two meet is essential to gaining authority. 


The Disservice of Not Sharing Your Knowledge

Entrepreneurs are no strangers to imposter syndrome and sometimes find themselves doubting their expertise or feeling like they are not qualified enough to talk about their experiences. Michelle warns against not getting your words out there because you feel that you lack all of the answers. She believes that everyone has a lesson to give from their specific background and that a person’s unique perspective will serve someone. If you are sharing your experience, there is likely a person out there who is looking to benefit from it. 


Overcoming Anxiety About Sharing Your Story

Do you often feel nervous before big presentations? Michelle and Ian discuss strategies to combat anxiety when establishing your authority. She has found that in many cases her clients put too much pressure on themselves to perfect their speech or appearance. However, in order to make your narrative authentic, you must switch the focus away from yourself. The key is always to make the listener the center of the conversation and to frame each presentation as if you were telling your best friend, child, or neighbor this advice. When you implement this strategy, you begin to tell your story in the most effective and personable way.


How Publishing a Book Can Turn Into Your Best Marketing Tool

Michelle has discovered the transformative power that books can have for businesses and individuals alike. Books are testimonials for your products and/or services and operate as a way to organically gain authority in your field. Michelle argues that while some people are afraid to publish their best tips and tricks for all to see, she urges you to do so anyway because each person takes away something different from books. In essence, get publishing! 


Learn more about Michelle’s work and about the ways storytelling can improve your business in the podcast! 



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