Entrepreneur/Lawyer Larry Pino’s Key to Selling 80 Businesses

In this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ian sits down with Larry Pino, the CEO and Founder of Tuscan Gardens. Together, they discuss the best mindset to have when starting a business.

Over the years, Larry has had a hand in selling and incubating about 80 businesses. Currently, Larry is primarily focusing his business initiatives on Tuscan Gardens, assisted living and memory care communities where he is the CEO and Founder. The story of Tuscan Gardens is a personal mission for Larry. After trying to find a community for his elderly mother to live in, and failing to find any that felt genuine, he decided to create a community that would make his own mother happy.

In this episode, Larry and Ian discuss when you should and shouldn’t use direct response, and how to identify those situations.  Larry also explains the three steps to use to identify the metrics of when to scale your business.

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